I am indebted to Social Security and the Tax Office. What can I do?

If you are in debt to the ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) or the US (Tax Office), there are certain steps you can take to resolve the problem.

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What steps should I take to resolve my debts with Social Security, US?

Here are some suggestions:

1 Contact:

The first step is to contact the relevant institutions, i.e. ZUS and the Tax Office. Explain your situation and ask about the possibility of negotiating debt repayment. Often these institutions are open to discussion and can offer favourable solutions, such as spreading the debt into instalments.

2. negotiation of repayment terms:

When talking to the Social Security and Tax Administration, ask about the possibility of negotiating repayment terms. It is often possible to obtain an extension of the repayment period or to arrange convenient instalments that suit your financial possibilities.

3. repayment plan:

Work out a repayment plan, taking into account the amount of debt and your current income. Determine how much you are able to set aside on a regular basis to repay your debts to Social Security and the Tax Office.

4. debt consolidation:

If you are in debt to a number of different creditors, including Social Security and the Tax Office, consider consolidating all your debts into one larger liability or take advantage of a simplified restructuring.

5. financial advice:

If you are experiencing difficulties in repaying your debts to ZUS and US, it is worth taking advantage of counselling. Specialists including restructuring advisors from PMR Restructuring SA will help you to develop a personalised repayment plan and provide practical advice or implement simplified restructuring.

Remember that it is important to take action to settle your debts as soon as possible. Neglecting to pay your debts to the Social Security Administration and the Tax Office can lead to more serious consequences, such as bailiff enforcement or the imposition of financial sanctions or bankruptcy at the request of the Social Security Administration or the Tax Office.

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