Volkswagen Group still grappling with supply chain crisis

The Volkswagen Group admits that it is still feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the related chip supply crisis. The crisis is passing, but more important than that is the future and preventing the next one. The German company has therefore developed a new strategy for purchasing electronic components to ensure its supply in the long term 📈

📣"Accurate knowledge of the semiconductors used allows us to better determine the global demand and availability of these components. This emphasises risk management, which will extend to the level of individual electronic components in the future and will help us detect and avoid bottlenecks early on. For strategically important semiconductors and even for the planned future growth of the Group, we will rely on direct purchases from semiconductor manufacturers," - said Dirk Große-Loheide, Member of the Volkswagen Passenger Car Purchasing Board and member of the Volkswagen Group Executive Board.

According to the group, a special Semiconductor Supply Committee (SSC) has been set up across all brands, with representatives from the brands' procurement and development departments, as well as Volkswagen Group Components and CARIAD. In the event of bottlenecks in the supply of electronic components, the company wants to identify and implement technical alternatives more quickly 🚨 The German carmaker's stance is a shining example of how a company, by developing new policies and operating principles, can prevent future potential crises that affect its liquidity. writes more on this topic 👉

The article appeared on June 2023. We invite you to read the full version:" Semiconductors are still a challenge. The giant has found a way around them