How can I get help with the restructuring process

The purpose of restructuring is primarily to protect against bankruptcy. The process itself consists of taking measures to improve the situation of companies. Restructuring is any kind of undertaking to increase the profitability of a given company. These can be legal as well as economic or marketing measures. 

Our specialists carry out the following restructuring processes:

Corporate restructuring

We specialise in both remedial restructurings, concerning a rapid improvement in the efficiency of enterprises in a situation of protracted crisis and threat of insolvency, carried out mostly on the basis of the provisions of the Restructuring Law, as well as developmental restructurings, which have a prospective character.

Restructuring of companies in crisis

We build our cooperation offer based on the individual nature of our client, targeting both companies in crisis and creditors.

For the restructuring projects carried out, we appoint an interdisciplinary team of experts, including financial modelling, restructuring consultancy, law, management, tax and accounting, experienced negotiators and market analysts.

Pointing to the specificity and multi-faceted nature of the change phase that results from the architecture of the restructuring effort, we provide:

  • comprehensive handling of restructuring within a single company, i.e. from the stage of the decision on the intention to restructure to its final outcome, including support in obtaining financing
  • competence and security in the implementation of the project you entrust to us,
  • creating specialised, tailor-made solutions.

Scope of services provided:

  • Legal representation of companies in restructuring proceedings and drafting of pleadings
  • Corporate auditing, including financial analysis
  • Strategic analysis of the company to identify the scale and type of crisis
  • Design of remedial solutions
  • Support in choosing the form of restructuring
  • Advising the board of directors on its duties and responsibilities in the face of the threat of insolvency
  • Preparation of comprehensive restructuring plans, development strategies and arrangement proposals
  • Financial modelling and investment analysis
  • Support in obtaining financing
  • Advice and support to the board in implementing the restructuring plan
  • Concluding an agreement with creditors, negotiation and mediation support
  • Coordination of the implementation of individual solutions
  • Specialist advice on improving key areas including finance, tax, standardisation of production processes, marketing
  • Introduce a control system for the restructuring process at strategic and operational level, preparing the necessary reporting
  • Support in handling accounting, payroll and tax matters

And also:

  • Representation of creditors in restructuring proceedings and creditors' councils
  • Acting as administrator against court orders

Our experience in conducting restructuring processes, their diversity both in relation to the company's situation and the environment in which it operates, allows us to use tried and tested instruments and to provide a guarantee of the highest quality of service in the de-indebtedness of companies.
We repair and protect, building mutual trust, which is often decisive for the continuity of our customers' business support, and strengthen the effectiveness of their subsequent business.

Developmental restructuring

This form of restructuring, and the services it provides, is linked to fundamental and strategic changes in the company, taking place largely out of court.

Our remit includes comprehensive activities in:

  • market reorientation of companies
  • product restructuring
  • technological restructuring
  • financial restructuring: ownership, capital structure, assets and organisation
  • restructuring of employment

Work stages:

  • Macro-environment analysis - Diagnosis of reality and market forecasts
  • Analysis of the competitive environment
  • Analysis of the strategic potential of the company: product portfolio, audit and analysis of financial standing, production and logistics processes, pricing policy in place
  • Development of strategic options and choice of development strategy
  • Development of functional strategies
  • Definition of the strategy map: financial perspective, internal processes, human capital, market perspective
  • Development of an investment plan, funding sources and investment priorities for specific sectors, technologies and markets
  • Support in obtaining financing from public and private sources
  • Coordinate and support the implementation of the adopted restructuring plan
  • Development of a strategic and operational controlling system in view of the adopted restructuring plan

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